If you follow our twitter feed (and you should by the way!) then you'll have seen this article from perfectdailygrind.com talking about Nicaragua and Finca Argentina.

The Nicaraguan Coffee Industry & Story Behind Finca La Argentina

This article prompted me to think about our coffee buying history in Nicaragua and our association with the Peralta brothers.  Thanks to our friends at Falcon Speciality we have been sourcing Nicaraguan Microlots from the brothers P for three years now and we haven't been let down.  Their attention to detail when planning the lots is excellent, and their passion for sustainable and fair farming produces nothing but beautiful clean cups and the quality is improving year on year.  I managed to meet the brothers last year and they embody exactly what I think the future holds for speciality coffee farmers:  Forward thinking, Business minded, cup quality focused and always keeping an eye on the market for new trends.  

For the first two years we sourced from Finca El Bosque; pulped natural in 2013 and then last year our award winning exclusive natural -the last 30kg of which is available here:  Nicaragua El Bosque.

This year we have sourced from one of their other farms, Finca Argentina, as mentioned above, with three exclusive lots, one of which is live on our website, with two more to follow throughout the year.

We expect to work with the Peralta family for many years and hope to visit them in 2016.  For now, you can get a taste of Nicaragua to your doorstep here:

Nicaragua Finca Argentina


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