Good coffee is as vital as oxygen for getting through meetings, hitting deadlines, and coming up with brilliant ideas. Yet drinking the same old, stale, bitter office coffee every day might just be enough to kill your staff’s productivity and positivity.

Introducing the perfect cup to your workplace results in more energised, focused, and happier employees. So what should you look for when selecting office coffee suppliers in the UK? Read on as we spill the beans.

1. Quality Coffee Beans

Great-tasting coffee is non-negotiable. This means quality coffee beans should be a top priority when you research potential office coffee companies.

Ideally, your chosen office coffee supplier should source specialty grade beans with flavour profiles all of your employees will enjoy. For example, Arabica coffee naturally has a sweeter, more complex taste compared to the more bitter and acidic Robusta bean.

Additionally, the beans should be freshly roasted before delivery to ensure optimum freshness and flavour. Make sure the roasting date is clearly displayed so you know exactly how fresh the coffee is.

It’s Your Choice at Rave Coffee

At Rave, we give you options on coffee type, blend, roast level, and taste profile. This helps you make the right choice for you and keeps your office coffee menu exciting!

2. Coffee Machine Options

Another important factor is the range of coffee machines on offer to suit your office’s needs. Consider how many employees you need to serve and what their coffee preferences may be.

A standard drip coffee machine can brew filter coffee for larger offices. For specialty coffee lovers, look at commercial coffee makers that offer bean-to-cup and espresso options. This gives staff more barista-style choices right from the office kitchen.

3. Customer Service & Support

From machine issues to adjustments in coffee orders, a quality office coffee supplier provides ongoing assistance via phone, email, or online. They understand that offices may need to tweak their regular coffee bean supply or equipment over time, and a reliable supplier will be responsive in making those changes happen seamlessly.

Top suppliers will also automatically send new bags of coffee when stock runs low, so you never run out of that vital workplace fuel!

4. Sustainability

These days, sustainability should be top-of-mind for any business. Look for suppliers that source coffee beans grown organically, as this ensures environmentally responsible farming practices are used without chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Eco-conscious processing and roasting methods should also be utilised post-harvest.

Furthermore, examine the full supply chain when researching providers. Choosing a local roaster over a national chain has inherent sustainability benefits from shortened delivery distances. Packaging is another area to assess for renewable materials and recyclability.

5. Affordable Prices

While you want quality coffee and service, the bottom line is keeping your office happy without blowing the budget. The right office coffee company offers fair pricing in line with your business needs and coffee consumption.

Compare service tiers, machine rental/purchase fees, and cost per cup of pod, bean, or fresh brew to find the most economical option for your office.

Rave Coffee for Your Office

Partnering with the right office coffee company is a decision that can strongly influence your employees’ caffeine experience and job satisfaction. By keeping quality, choice, service, sustainability, and value as priorities, you’re bound to find a specialised coffee partner that matches your business needs.

At Rave, we offer a wholesale coffee service tailored to keep offices humming with our fresh roasted beans. Once you place your online order, we’ll roast premium coffee beans and dispatch them for next day delivery.

And while you’re sipping, know that 1% of every sale allows us to plant trees and fund green initiatives through 1% For The Planet . So why not do good while you caffeinate your crew?