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Calling All Santas! or 'Do you like hairy sacks?'

November 21, 2014

Jute Sacks

Calling all Santas!

Will you have enough sacks to see you through the festive season?

We have!

No surprises that we have a shed load in the roastery and we were thinking it was time they enjoyed a second life.

Good for keeping your plants snug in the winter months; even better for present deliveries*, they are available now through our Shop tab under Single Origin or Coffee Blends. I mean - who doesn’t love a jute?

Will cost you £2 per sack; a £1 of which will go to our chosen charity Coffee Kids

(*disclaimer: we wouldn’t be confident about fire retardant properties so chimney use best limited to summer months).

May we offer you comfort and joy in a mug?

November 17, 2014

Broadly, this is what happened... A new person with a penchant for the festive season joined our ranks and uttered 2 words that struck fear into our hearts; ‘Christmas’ swiftly followed by, ‘blend’. It was only October.  We are but men! Men! We only think about Christmas on the eve. Usually In the proximity of the garage forecourt.  This simply did not wash. It was like … ‘crack on; only X number of sleeps.'    Much harrumphing ensued; then requisite ‘ho ho ho’ found we tasked our Barry Star to create something reminiscent of the festive season - the caffeine equivalent of a woolly hat and scarf combo on a cold day.  A bit like the kings he came up with... Continue Reading →

New Nicaraguan Micro Lot Update!

October 17, 2014

Well friends, the time has come!

We've spent a busy few weeks behind the scenes; sample roasting and cupping to achieve the best roast possible for this lot.  Our aim is to showcase the Peralta's dedication to agronomy and quality- we hope you find it evident in your cup!  

Our first sample was roasted a week after the coffee landed - using our standard cupping profile.  We wanted very little development after first crack as it really tells us what we're dealing with and what the bean has to offer. It being a natural process coffee, we expected the acidity to be muted and the body to be fairly pronounced even at a lighter roast.

Well, were we wrong!  This is one of the cleanest natural process coffees I've ever tasted- no fermented wine flavours here; just crisp clean and boozy sweet!

We thought perhaps we'd taken it too far.... (see full article)


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