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Torr Tamper - Trapeze Flat TI Titanium, Sharp Edge 58.55 mm

Quality and craftsmanship

The Titanium Grade 5 TF tamp is CNC machined to 58.55mm with a sharp edge to fit VST, IMS or LM baskets. It's hand finished and polished, a beautifully crafted piece of engineering.  The Titanium tamp weighs 35% less than the Inox version. 

This base is available with handmade wooden or coated metal handles. You can further personalise with Black, Gold or SSteel washers/spacers, sold separately, to change the height or look of the tamper.

Approx weight, depending on the handle, of 625g / 22 oz and a height of 9.5cm.

Base Shape: Trapeze Flat

Base Size:58.55 mm

Base Material:Titanium G5 

Washer: 3mm Gold, Small Handles only

 *Since wood is a natural product, each handle can vary in colour or grain.