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Torr Tamper - Goldfinger, Trapeze Convex 58.5 mm


Quality and craftsmanship

Goldfinger is made for those who like a heavy tamper with an ergonomic design, available with handmade wooden or coated metal handles.

The Goldfinger comes with the 3mm gold washer as standard. Additional Black, Gold or SSteel washers are available, sold separately, to change the height or look of the tamper.

This GF 58.5 TC has an approx weight, depending on the handle, of 625g / 22 oz and a height of 9.5cm.

Base Shape: Trapeze Convex

Base Size:58.5 mm

Base Material:SSteel

Washer: 3mm Gold

*Since wood is a natural product, each handle can vary in colour or grain.