Tanzania Iyela AAA Espresso


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Grown: Songwe, Mbeya, Nr Mbozi

Altitude: 1,850m

Varietals: Kent

Producers: 239 Farms of approximately 1.6 Ha

Washing Station: Iyela

Drying: Dried on raised beds. During the drying process the parchment is being handpicked by casual labourers and volunteering farmers to remove all the defects.

Iyela Coffee Group is the formation of 239 small scale farmers who have come together to process their cherry at a communal processing site, this is commonly known as a CPU (Central Processing Unit). This has become quite common in Tanzania as the traditional Cooperative structure has been subjected to much corruption and manipulation by those in power.

Iyela was founded by Rashid, a successful entrepreneur and coffee farmer, the CPU was formed in 2011. The farms that are a part of the Iyela Coffee Group range in altitude from 1800 to 1900 meters above sea level.

There are three supervisors working with the group full time to help them implement good quality protocols, Joshua Kasekwa, Issa Mwashiuya and Issaya Mwamgunda.

Previously the coffees here were processed as semi washed coffee, however this has been the first year of processing fully washed coffees for Iyela.

Espresso (18g VST)
18.5g in
39g out
in 24 to 27 seconds

40g in, 700g Hot water (95-97 degrees)
100g bloom for 30 seconds, light agitation to ensure saturation.
200g spiral pours every 30 seconds up to the 700g total
All water out in 4- 4:45 minutes