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Papua New Guinea Baroida No 98

Remote farmlands and high rainfall pose challenges to coffee cultivation in PNG. The Colbran family have employed strict quality control and encouraged shade canopy growth to protect the more delicate coffee trees. In doing so they have built a strong reputation for highly graded coffees in the region. This lot from the estate boasts classic flavours of baked fruits, cocoa and unrivalled sweetness.

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Grown: Baroida Estate, Kianantu, Western Highlands

Altitude: 1700 - 1850m

Varietals: Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo & Typica

Producers: Colbran Family

The Baroida Estate is situated alongside the Lamari river (a name also given to another local coffee Rave has also had the pleasure of buying!). The name Baroida is believed to derive from a spirit of stability and strength. The Baroida stone, as it is known - resides in the middle of the Lamari river and has refused to budge in living memory. Early coffee farming practices, imported from Kenya, dictated methods that were wholly unsuitable for the wet highlands of PNG. Ben Colbran, who began a coffee plantation on estate in the 1960s, began building a network of drainage ditches between rows of coffee trees. More recently, Colbran’s descendants have implemented a system of shade tree cultivation to help absorb excess soil moisture. The picked coffee cherry is pulped and dry-fermented for up to 36 hours, before being sun-dried on tarps. This long fermentation, also typical of Kenyan coffee, is thought to impart the intense fruit sweetness and acidity of these coffees. The best quality lots are sorted, graded and milled for export to us here at Rave!