Milk Texturing & Latte Art

Where -RAVE Coffee, Cirencester - See our contact page for directions.

Time - 9:30am until 12:30pm (3 hours)

Topics Covered - Pulling the perfect espresso shot - Milk steaming - Latte art free pouring

Join us for a latte art workshop at the RAVE Coffee roastery where we will be perfecting your milk steaming and improving your skills.  This course is designed for the home or seasoned barista with a good grasp of espresso and milk steaming techniques.

We will spend the first half hour hour dialling in grinders and pulling the perfect espresso shot.

The next hour will be spent improving your milk steaming technique before moving on to the art of 'free pouring'.

We will then use the remaining time free pouring the coffee menu and practising latte art skills.

All coffee and milk used is included.
The workshops have limited places, so book early to secure a place.

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