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Jamiaca Blue Mountain

Why we choose not to buy Jamaica Blue Mountain

JBM, as its often referred to, is very expensive due to supply and demand.  There is limited space to grow in the Blue Mountains and the demand for 'gourmet JBM' is large. 

Unfortunately the quality is overshadowed by its reputation and much like the infamous Kopi Luwak, the flavour is overrated in our opinion.   It is often roasted so dark that any origin character is completely obliterated, making any attempt to taste the terroir a moot point.  Not to mention the unscrupulous few blending a tiny percentage of JBM into a blend and calling it a Blue Mountain coffee to justify a high price; not for us thank you.

Largely it is a coffee about hype, not cup flavour.  By all means please try it, just make sure you buy the real deal and not a knock off blend!

We understand why it's popular:  "Creamy body with smooth chocolate and a bright acidity" it is a great coffee!  Is it worth the price though?  We'd say no.

We find there are coffees with almost identical characteristics at a fraction of the price, roasted with more transparency, that will taste the equal any day of the week.  Coffees to look for are Ecuador, Papua New Guinea and East Timor with some Guatemalans also fitting the bill!