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Indonesia Kerinci Alko


A unique opportunity to get your hands on an Indonesian honey processed coffee. As the speciality coffee scene slowly expands in Indonesia the chances to try exciting new coffees opens up. To add to this, this coffee was grown next to a volcano in the Kerinchi National Park. This co-operative exchange coffee with anyone who collects rubbish from this National Park in aim to keep their area of natural beauty protected - it is the small gestures that make the planet a better place! So let's celebrate their work! 

This honey process coffee is a refreshing change from the all too familiar Sumatra wet-hull profiles of earthy chocolate and spice.  Here we have a sweet fruity coffee with great clarity and a syrupy body.  We love this as a filter, either drip or immersion!

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Grown: Kayo Aro, Kerinci, West Sumatra

Altitude: 1,400-1,600m

Varietals: Sigaran Utang, Andung Sari, P88, S Lini

Washing Station: Alko Cooperative

Drying: Pulped and dried for two days indoor before being transferred to raised beds for up to 35 days

Located 7 hours drive hours from the city of Padang in the Kayo Aro District of West Sumatra, this coffee comes from small coffee gardens (0.25ha – 2Ha) which sit in the shadow of the Kerinci Volcano on the edge of the Kerinci National Park, home to the endangered Sumatran Tiger. The people who inhabit this region are originally from the island of Java and migrated to this region tin the 1960’s as part of a Government program looking to spread people to available land to farm. There are large Government tea plantations that dominate the landscape and it is only recently over the past seven years that coffee has been grown here alongside more traditional rice and vegetables.

The Alko Cooperative running since 2013 has 400 farmer members with a total of 291 Ha in coffee spread across 17 villages. This cooperative is unique in that it received funds from the WWF for a multifaceted project over a year to help improve their infrastructure and educate the farmers about working in harmony with the local environment and protecting the Kerinci National Park.

Espresso (18g VST)
18.5g in
42g out
in 24 to 27 seconds

60g/Litre, steep for 4 minutes.
Stir and then wait a further 4-5 minutes for the grounds to settle.
Pour gently without plunging, using the lid as a filter

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