Honduras Competition Roasts (Macerated Natural)

Last Batch!!  These roasts are the results of weeks of profiling for a roasting competition.  No scores below 85.5 on the SCA scale, with some scoring as high as 87.25

Roasted on 13/09/18

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Grown: Celaque, Corquín Copán

Altitude: 1,200m

Varietals: Catuai

Producers: Osman Rene Romero

Washing Station: San Isidro

Certifications: Organic

Drying: Parabolic Dryers

Osman Romero Melgar is the owner of the farm San Isidro, located in the Celaque area of the Copan region of Honduras. The farm is 10 hectares, most of which is in coffee production but under natural forest, and has been handed down to Osman from his parents. The main variety grown is catuai, but Osman has been planting rust-resistant varieties such as Lempira, IHCAFE90 and Parainema, mostly for their high production.

Osman is a trained agronomist and is an important member of the Aruco cooperative, managing production and administration. Osman was one of the first producers within Aruco to start producing micro-lots and to try new processing methods, and so was influential in the success of the spread of quality improvements throughout the coop.