Honduras Clave del Sol
(Organic) Green Coffee Beans

  • ProcessWashed, fermented for 20 hours and sun dried


    Raspberry, praline, milk chocolate, some delicate florals (hibiscus)

  • Grown: Montecillos, Marcala, La Paz

    Altitude: 1,350m

    Varietals: Icatu, Bourbon, Catuai, Typica

    Owner: Miriam Elisabeth Perez

     Located in the region of Montecillos, Marcala is a town located in La Paz County, in the south-west of Honduras. Since 2005, due to the quality of its coffees “Marcala” has its own Denomination of Origin being the first DO in Central America (and fourth in Latin America). The Designation of Origin ensures that the coffee is produced above 1100m of altitude in one of the 19 certified towns. The D.O. also ensures a certain level of quality as it is only given to coffees scoring above 84 points. 
    Several years ago, Marcala had a big cooperative buying and processing coffee from many small producers. When the cooperative went broke, many producers were left without a structure to process their coffee. This was when six producers decided to gather around a project to be able to continue to sell their coffees and therefore created a private company called COMSA (Café Organico de Marcala SA.). They went from 6 to more than 700 producers. The organization highlights the organic agriculture as a whole model and champions the consumption of organic food. In addition, they have their own research laboratory for organic practices and they train every member of the organization. They receive training about cupping, sensory skills and organic agriculture classes. 
    Miriam Elizabeth Perez is a member of COMSA and exports her coffee within the COMSA Structure as a microlot as it receives a score above 86 points. 

    COMSA fights for gender equality. The organization gathers a great number of producers that are women. Elisabeth likes to say that as a kid, her grandfather only took her brothers to the farm telling her “a farm is not a girl’s place”. Today she smiles, as her brothers didn’t take the farm over: she did! 
    She is the third generation of producers in her family and she has been producing coffee herself for over 20 years with the help of her husband and children. Her farm, located in El Rincon village in Marcala, represents 3,5 hectares of coffee. Her production reaches approx. 115 bags of green coffee per year. The farm, called “Clave del Sol” has several shading trees making the coffee ripen slowly for a better cup quality. It also helps preserve the soil from erosion and fixing minerals. 
    After the harvest, the cherries are processed at COMSA's mill. There, she is able to process Fully Washed, Honey and Natural coffees. This Fully Washed lot dries in parchment in raising beds after a fermentation phase in water tanks to take off the mucilage.  See the link here for more information(In Spanish) or use translate if you don't mind ropy English: http://www.comsa.hn/finca-biodinamica-clave-sol/

  •  Take it about a minute after 1st crack to get a good balance of fruity berry and milk chocolate.  It can suit a darker roast as well, just don't go past 2nd crack or you'll be missing out!

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