El Salvador Los Nogales

  • Roast Level: Medium

    Process: Natural

    What to expect in the cup

    Hazelnut, Plum, Cherry, Cacao, big body

  • Grown: Apaneca-Ilamatepec, Ahuachapán
    Farm: Los Nogales, Miramar Plot
    Process: Natural
    Varietal: 100% Red Catuai
    Altitude of Plot: 1,450-1,650m
    Area of Coffee: 30 hectares
    Producer: Salaverria Family

    Farm Info: 

     This lot, exclusive to us here at Rave, comes from a tiny 30 hectare farm in the west of El Salvador in a region known for it's fantastic soil.  This project by JASAL exporters and DR Wakefield at Los Nogales is a very special one.  Jose Antonio Salaverria grew up surrounded by the fruits of this estate as it was the first farm his family bought. Through his family and JASAL many experimental lots have been produced this year.  We selected a 100% Red Catuai natural process that highlights an El Salvador's natural nutty flavours while the processing brings out ripe fruits creating an extremely balanced cup.

  • Our espresso recipe using 20g vst
    20g in
    39g out
    in 26 to 29 seconds

    Our filter recipe using a V60
    12g in
    170ml out
    in 2 – 2:15 minutes

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