Costa Rica Finca Macho

  • Roast Level: Medium

    Process: White Honey 

    What to expect in the cup

    Red fruits and Raisins

  • Farm Name: Macho

    Farmer Name: Efrain Naranjo Naranjo
    Coffee Region: Tarrazu
    Micro Region: Leon Costes
    Terroir: Santa Rosa
    Plant Varietal(s): Catuai
    Process: White Honey
    Growing Altitude (m): 1900
    Plant Age (avg.): 7 year
    Soil Type: Sandy
    Relative Humidity (%): 70%
    Latitude: 9.690272
    Longitude: -84.101206
    Average Annual Rainfall (mm): 2000


  • Our Filter recipe using a V60
    13g in
    212g water at 94 degrees
    out in 2:10-2:30 minutes

    Our Espresso recipe using 20g VST baskets, 94 degree water setting
    20.5g in
    44g in the cup in 27-32 seconds

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