Colombia Hacienda Mallorca


Santiago Londoño -pictured here- is a fourth generation farmer at Hacienda Mallorca and an all around dude.  His meticulous approaches to harvesting and processing (not to mention generosity with tequila and whiskey hospitality) are legendary!  He is a forerunner for driving change through sustainable agriculture and his coffees reflect this ethos in their clarity and quality.

Mallorca is a farm that produces micro-lots of specialty coffees in 51 hectares, made up 50% Caturra, 30%  Gesha, and 20% Yellow/Pink Bourbon. In the harvest season they hire approximately 50 local workers, of which 15 are women and 35 are men.

This lot is of the gesha variety and shows the genetics and features of the variety with out breaking the bank.  Historically Gesha/Geisha can cost upwards of £30/250g bag!

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Grown: Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca

Altitude: 1,610m

Varietals: Gesha

Producers: Santiago Londoño

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Drying: Mechanically dried on the day of picking down to 33% moisture and then slow dried on raised beds for the remaining time, down to 11.5%

From Santiago Himself:

An organisational innovation on the farm has been to involve local women workers inside the value chain of specialty coffees. The women are responsible for picking and selecting the varietals and differentiated micro-lots. Our objective is to adapt all the infrastructure of the farm toward the fulfillment of the needs of local women.”
“The scientific management of the farm from blossom to cup is the main driver of Hacienda Mallorca. We respect nature using an agro-ecological approach, producing coffee under the shade of trees, with resilient landscapes design. In 2003 we began the sustainability program based on the concepts of Ana Primaveci, in 2006 becoming Rainforest Alliance certified.“
“Landscape design aimed towards resilience of the ecosystem was applied after the La Niña phenomenon of 2009-2010. It is clearer every day that climate change is a reality, and our strategy is to adapt to it, with our goal to improve ecological resilience.” “The 18 water springs on the farm are protected with conservation forests, with all the waters used (domestically and industrially) filtered and treated before returned to the environment.

18g of coffee ground medium-fine
300g of filtered or bottled (we use Tesco Ashbeck) water at 94C

start the timer and add 50g of water, agitate like mad for 15 seconds
at 30 seconds slowly add the remaining water
once all of your water is added either stir once or gently spin the v60 to ensure an even draw down. Aim for all out by 3:00 minutes