Colombia El Zafiro (Wush Wush Pre-order)

  • We selected this lot for blast freezing late last year when we first cupped it by chance. It had completely blown all the other varietals off the table and we knew we had to have it. We also knew it was going to be the talk of the London Coffee Festival and decided to put it in vacuum packed bags in a blast freezer to wait for the right moment to release it back into the wild. (We have been running experiments on blast freezing green coffee since last year with great results). We will be offering this coffee as pre-order so we can roast the whole lot in two batches to maximise freshness.

    This coffee will be sent out separately from anything else you order, we aim to ship at the start of August or sooner if the pre-order reaches the full 19kg available.  Please ignore any automatic shipping notifications you may receive.  We will email you to notify you directly when your Wush has been despatched.

    Roast Level: Light

    Process: Washed

    What to expect in the cup

     Cocoa, jasmine, stone fruits, lemongrass.  Very complex and sweet, medium body

  • Farmer:  Ceferino Maca and family

    Grown:  Popayan, Cauca

    Altitude:  1970-2020m

    Varietals Wush Wush

    Wush Wush is said to have originated near Jimma and Gesha in Ethiopia.  It is an old world varietal with similar attributes to Geisha in that it is incredibly complex and sweet but has a more pronounced body which gives it better balance at lighter roast levels. Expect a very complex acidity with notes of plum, mandarin, lemongrass & jasmine finishing with a cocoa body.

    El Zafiro means The Sapphire in English. This beautiful farm is located near the town of Popayan between the Colombian Central and Western mountain ranges. The Wush Wush (est. 2011) is planted under partial shade in soils derived from volcanic ashes of clay loamy texture, and an organic layer of 20 cm of pH 5.1. Temperature oscillates between 9 and 22°C across the 8 ha, ranging from approximately 1940 MASL to 2100 MASL. The microclimate is ideal for growing old-world, low-yield, high-altitude coffees; allowing for slow maturation of cherry and some protection from diseases. The temperate climate also enables wet parchment to dry at a steady and controllable rate.

  • Our filter recipe using an aeropress and EK43
    12g in, ground at 9 on EK 3fe dial
    200g hot water total, 30g bloom, stir or swirl for 10s, top up, invert and press
    all out in 1:30.

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