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Grown: Usulutan, Tecapa Chinameca

Altitude: 1,450m

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Producers: Gilberto Baraona

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Drying: Patio Dried

Soil: Volcanic

Los Pirineos is a very well known farm in the specialty coffee industry, as is it’s owner, Gilberto Baraona. He has built a reputation, well founded, on producing very high quality lots of bourbon and rare varietals paired with experimental processing methods. The farm has been in Gilberto’s family since 1880 and has one of the most modern specialty wet mills in the country. The farm and mill have 50 full-time employees and they take on a further 75 during the peak of the harvest. Gilberto’s obsession with quality means he pays well above the legal minimum wages to all his staff. He requires far more precision and attention to detail than the average coffee farm and so he has invested time and money in the people who manage the processing.

18.5g in
36.5g out
in 24 to 28 seconds 10.45% TDS, 21.16%EY

65g coffee, coarsely ground
1 Litre of water at 93C
Steep for 4 minutes before stirring three times and letting the grinds settle to the bottom.

12g coffee, ground fairly fine

50g water to bloom, stir for 10 seconds like a madman

at 30 seconds top up to 100g water in an outward spiral

at 1:15 spiral outwards 100g water followed with a Rao spin before letting it draw down. Aiming for 2:15-2:30 all out.

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