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Tanzania Gaia AA No. 125

The coffee at Gaia farm is shade-grown under a canopy of native trees which are home to the abundant wildlife found here. The landowners have also dedicated over one third of the farm a migration corridor to help preserve the natural ecosystem.

This diversity can in turn help produce exceptional coffees that undergo a slower maturation thanks to the shade. The result is aromatic with both red and black fruit sweetness. This coffee has been roasted to highlight these characteristics and accentuates a rich chocolate ganache flavour.

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Grown: Oldeani, Arusha region

Altitude: 1620m - 1850m

Varietals: Bourbon, SL28

Producers: Edelweiss Oldeani Estate & Finagro Plantations

The owners of Gaia have been producing coffee in this region for over 90 years! Their expertise has expanded beyond growing and harvesting fresh cherry, to building their own dry mill and preserving over one third of their land as a wildlife corridor to protect migration routes. The farm is situated on the edge of the Ngorongoro crater and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The coffee is shade grown, which allows for slow maturation of coffee cherries as well as a canopy of native trees in which the local ecosystem can thrive. The region has been suject to unpredictable rainfall this season, which has resulted in lower yields. However, the late harvest this caused has enabled the coffee to arrive here in the UK as fresh as possible.