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Colombia Corozal No 112

This coffee hails from the higher altitudes and therefore colder climates of an area know as Tierra Fria (translated literally as cold lands). The coffee cherries are slower to mature here, and arguably sweeter. The natural processing takes place down hill at the Jamaica dry mill, where the air is warm and the fresh picked cherries can dry easily in the sun. The cherries are fermented for 48hrs before drying, giving them their distinctive floral, and boozey fruit flavour.

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Grown: Chinchiná, Caldas

Altitude: 2000m - 2100m

Varietals: Variedad Colombia, Castillo Naranjal

Producers: Smallholders of Villamaria

The smallholder producers of Corozal are situated in the higher altitudes of Villamaria. Ripe coffee cherries are delivered to the Jamaica mill, which lies at a lower 1300m, and is well placed to process natural and honey coffees in a warmer microclimate. Typically in Colombia, coffee would be processed by the individual smallholders, and the parchment (dried coffee bean encased in husk) delivered to large corporations for a mediocre return. As the cost of production has soared in recent years, the Red Association has sought to find ways to increase cup quality and therefore a higher return for producers. Therefore local producers are incentivized to deliver cherry, rather than parchment, to centralised mills for bulk processing. This creates coffee flavour profiles that are more consistent and the group can afford to take risks with experimental processing, finding buyers for such coffees on the international market. The Red Association is a long standing partnership for Rave. Our El Carmen coffees and others from the Villamaria group are mainstays of our annual coffee offering. We are big fans of how the organisation is empowering small producers, providing resources and facilities that support communities long term.