Sumatra Atu Lintang
Green Coffee Beans


These are raw, unroasted coffee beans suitable for home roasting

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Wet-Hulled (Semi-washed/Giling Basah)

Wet-Hulled (Semi-washed/Giling Basah) - Usually the smallholder farmers process the coffee themselves and then deliver to a mill to be graded and bagged. Unusually, this lot is all processed by one central mill, which accounts for the unusual uniformity and clarity in the cup!

In The Cup

Earthy Chocolate, Raspberry, Sweet Jam

Grown: Atu Lintang, Aceh

Altitude: 1,300m to 1,500m

Varietals: Tim Tim

Producers: About 600 Smallholder farmers in the locality

Drying: Dried for 8-12 hours down to 40% moisture before being hulled and dried again down to 11-12% over 4-5 days before being sorted and graded again.

This is a farmer group who we bought from for the first time this year which is made up of 600 farmers in the Atu Lintang district who contribute to this lot. As well as growing coffee the farmers also grow vegetables and fruits to eat or sell at local markets.

Usually there are two harvests a year with coffee being picked in the main harvest from October - December and then again from March - May as part of the fly crop.

Light Roast
This coffee has great clarity so can be roasted fairly light, we recommend a development time of 1:30 and a total roast time of under 9 minutes

Medium/Dark Roast
Typical of wet-hulled Sumatras', dark roasts bring out deep dark chocolate and spice notes. Roast it as dark as you please!