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Kenya Ndaroini # 11
Green Coffee Beans

A return to traditional Kenyan flavours of yore with blackcurrant, vanilla and a buttery body.  Also the start of our pledge to support the Ndaroini washing station project in concert with our import partner Trabocca.  

This is the first of two lots we have bought from the most recent harvest. 

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Grown: Nyeri

Altitude: 1,800m

Varietals: SL28, SL34

Producers: Smallholder members of the Ndaroini factory - part of the Gikanda Cooperative Society

Washing Station: Ndaroini

Drying: Dried on raised African beds for 21-35 days (depending on conditions)

Soil: Fertile red, volcanic soil

"In Swahili language, Ndaroini is a place where people can rest overnight. This name applied to the Ndaroini smallholders that traveled long distances to deliver their cherries to the neighboring washing station Gichathaini. After a day’s work, they returned to the colonial camps – just a stone’s throw from today’s Ndaroini factory. Now with the help of our import partners, Trabocca, and Ndaroini Coffee Ltd. instead of paying 55 to 82 Kenyan shilling per kilo cherries – as reported by the Daily Nation as an industry standard, they are paid 100 Ksh per kg of cherries and an additional 21 to the factory for quality improvements. The first payment was made in February 2019, giving smallholders the opportunity to invest in their plots before the harvest started again in October.

42g in
700ml water at 96C, 100g to bloom, pulse pour the remainder.
Aim for all out in 4:30-5:00

75g Coffee, 1L water at 94C.
Brew for 4 minutes, stir and then plunge.