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Colombia Villamaria (Extended Fermentation)
Green Coffee Beans

Raw unroasted green beans for home roasting


This particular lot from Villamaria has undergone an extended 72 hour fermentation in the cherry.  Villamaria is part of the Red Association Group in partnership with our import partners, Raw Material. 

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Natural Process (Extended Fermentation)

Natural Process (Extended Fermentation): After being picked the cherries are floated for defects and then placed in a covered barrel with drainage holes. Normally with extended fermentation the cherries ferment in their own juices, but here the juice and fermentation byproducts drain off. The idea being to create a clean fermentation profile. After 72 hours they are placed on raised drying beds under cover and monitored for two to three weeks

In The Cup

Papaya, Peach & Yellow Plum

Grown: Jamaica, Nr Chinchina, Caldas

Altitude: 1,800m - 1,900m

Varietals: Castillo, Colombia

Producers: 30 Producer families

Washing Station: Villamaria

Drying: Dried on raised beds for two to three weeks under cover

Villamaria is part of the Red Association Group, in partnership with Raw Material, our import partners. It is a drying station based in Chinchina, Caldas. The station represents around 30 coffee producing families in the surrounding area of Jamaica, Villarozo sitting at altitudes higher than the drying station itself. As Villamaria sits at a lower altitude, it is better suited for processing honey and natural process coffees due to the warmer temperatures.