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Burundi Gisha
Green Coffee Beans

 Raw Unroasted coffee beans for home roasting

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Natural: In Natural process, cherries are selectively picked for ripeness, the cherries are immediately left to dry on patios or raised beds with frequent turning or raking. This process can take up to several weeks until the cherries have reached the optimal moisture level (10-12%). the fruit acts as a natural casing, fermentation happens in a closed environment adding lots of sweetness and fruit flavours to the bean. Once dried the coffee is stored until it is ready to be hulled and distributed. Natural process coffees can be extremely fruity and sweet. They often have a muted acidity with slightly more body than their washed counterparts. We pick only the best lots out of each cupping flight to produce naturally sweet fruit bombs!

In The Cup

Cocoa, Pineapple & Sticky Fruits

Grown: N'Gozi Province, Tangara Commune

Altitude: 1,660m

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Producers: Various Smallholders

Washing Station: Gisha

Drying: Dried on raised African beds for 2 weeks

This wet mill collects cherries from almost 1750 local producers in a region of predominantly volcanic soil. Gisha ranked in the top 15 coffees of Burundi's Cup of Excellence 2019. Gisha station is located in an important part of Tangara commune. Home to a large river named Nyamuswaga, the river is home to a local fish called Claria which live abundantly here. it is said that at times the Claria are so large in number across the wide river that the scene resembles that of the ocean.

42g in
700ml water at 96C, 100g to bloom, pulse pour the remainder.
Aim for all out in 4:30-5:00

75g Coffee, 1L water at 94C.
Brew for 4 minutes, stir and then plunge.