Colombia El Diviso Microlot

  • ProcessPulped and fermented for 24 hours, 12 days drying in Parabolic dryers



    Black Filter / Cupping

     Redcurrants, Melons, Plum

  • Grown: Palestina, Huila

    Altitude: 1,650m


    Owner: Darrio Loaiza

    Process: Cherries are handpicked at 20-21 degrees brix (sugar content) ensuring ripeness, they are then pulped and undergo 24 hour anaerobic fermentation in a concrete silo before drying in a parabolic dryer for 12 days.


    Darrio Loaiza has owned El Diviso for four years. He was previously a successful cattle farmer in Cúcuta, Santander, but decided to relocate his family to Huila due to feeling unsafe as guerillas (rebels) had taken up action in the region.

    Darrio and his young family (four boys and one girl) have settled well to life in Huila. Darrio is already having success as a coffee producer, taking out 2nd place in the cup of Huila competition this year.

    El Diviso is very remote; a 1.5 hour drive and 25 minutes climb from Pitalito. Eventually, you end up at one of the most stunning views in Colombia. The farm is well established and has been producing coffee for over 40 years. It is planted with Caturra & Colombia varieties, which are 60% yellow and 40% red.

    Darrio has been training with Gustavo, the local Sena representative, on how to prepare his coffee after harvest. He is picking his cherries at 20-21 degrees Brix. Gustavo explains that by picking coffee too mature, you run the risk of losing density which is a crucial element for proper drying, and in the long-term, roasting. Darrio pulps into a concrete silo, where the coffee will ferment for a maximum of 24 hours. The total time used depends on the temperature of the day, as Darrio will stop the fermentation process when the sugar content of the silo reaches 8 degrees, Brix.




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