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Indian Monsoon Malabar - 10 pods

In the cup: Chocolate, Cedar and Spice.

Intensity: 4/5

1 x Pack = 10 Coffee Capsules

RAVE pods are designed to produce a 25ml (short) - 35ml (long) espresso shot.

Please note that most pod machines are pre-programmed for Nespresso pods that produce anything from 40ml (short) -110ml (long) therefore it's important you refer to your machine user manual to adjust the settings - to avoid disappointment with the output.

Our pods are compatible with all domestic drop through Nespresso machines (excluding professional, in built models and the Vertuo machines)

Place Pods & Lids in your authorised food waste collection scheme for industrial composting.

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In The Cup

Chocolate, Cedar, Spice

Grown: Chikmagalur, India

Altitude: 1,100m

Producers: Various Farms

Legend has it that India monsooned Malabar was accidentally developed in southern India during the sixteenth century. The story is that the coffee was exposed to monsoon winds and rain whilst being stored at the coastal units, shipping ports and whilst sailing from India to Europe. The damp and humid monsoon conditions cause the coffee to swell, go pale in colour and significantly altered the taste of the coffee. So much so that it produced a unique flavour and Indian monsooned malabar coffee beans were born! The coffee is now legendary and in great demand, so the monsooning process has been streamlined to produce Monsoon Malabar coffee with a strict quality control process rather than the old fashioned method of using galleon ships!. The new process starts with the grading of the Arabica Coffee Cherry. It is then exposed to the warm and moist Indian monsoon winds in ventilated warehouses on the Malabar coast. This process runs during the monsoon months of June through to September during which time the Arabica coffee is regularly raked and turned as it absorbs moisture from the warm air. The effect of the monsoon process on the coffee is: · The coffee swells to twice its original size and changes to a straw-like, golden colour · The bean texture changes and becomes brittle · Acidity is muted and the coffee takes on spicy, smokey chocolate flavours

When making an Americano - fill your cup with the desired amount of hot water and add the shot of RAVE coffee to the top. Always purge/flush your machine with water between shots.

For drinks with frothed milk such as a Latte or Cappuccino we recommend using 2 pods. Always purge/flush your machine with water between shots.