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Cold Brew Ground Coffee

This 300g pack allows you to brew 3 batches of concentrate making approximately 3 litres of ice coffee in total.

You will need
100g of ground coffee for cold brewing
0.5 litre of filtered cold water
Something to filter the coffee with i.e cafetière, Swissgold or paper filter - Chemex / v60 etc
Add 100g of coffee grounds to a one litre container, such as a large cafetière.
Add half a litre of cold filtered water, agitate to ensure grounds are immersed.
Leave in the fridge overnight- for approximately 12 - 24 hrs.
Pour the cold brew mix through a filter.
You now have cold brew coffee concentrate that can be diluted approximately 1 part concentrate to 1 part filtered water, serve over ice.
It will improve in flavour if lest for a further 24hrs and can be kept refrigerated for up to a week.

Serve as suggested or alter to taste. Enjoy!

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