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Roaster's Choice Espresso Pack

A selection of lighter roast coffees suitable for espresso, hand picked by our roasters as their favourites.  Expect acidity and fruity notes to be dominant in the cup.

1 x 250g El Salvador Los Pirineos - Light/Medium Roast

(Apricot, Honey & Tea Rose)

1 x 250g China Lafu #4 - Medium Roast

(Cacao, Toffee, Peach & Apple)

1 x 250g of Seasonal Organic Blend - Medium roast

(Toffee, Pear & Clementine)    


Disclaimer - Contents subject to change.  We vary the coffees on offer due to seasonal availability and new crop arrivals.

Whole Grind
Coarse Grind
Drip Machine / Aeropress Grind
Fine Grind