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Best Selling Bundle

Our best selling coffee bundle

1 x 250g of our old faithful, Signature Blend - Medium/Dark Roast
(Chocolate and Caramel flavours, great as a flat white or Piccolo)

1 x 250g of The Italian Job - Dark Roast

(Slightly stronger with chocolate and a nutty finish)

1 x 250g of Colombia El Carmen (Suarez Project) - Medium/Dark Roast

(Chocolate/caramel overtones and a muted red fruit acidity. Great body and lingering aftertaste)    

Use whole milk in your espresso drinks to give a beautiful rich silky finish.

Disclaimer - Contents subject to change.  We vary the coffees on offer due to seasonal availability and new crop arrivals.

Whole Grind
Coarse Grind
Drip Machine / Aeropress Grind
Fine Grind