Rave Coffee KeepCup

Cup Size:

Our mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups. We do this by offering an innovative, sustainable alternative to disposables.  We bring you our very own branded KeepCups!

KeepCups' Mission:
'We offer our product in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how people think about convenience culture.
We do this by engaging people in three key ways; Through love of coffee, those who care about the environment, and people who appreciate good design.
We’ve created a global brand and that has kick started the demise of the disposable.'


There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make one KeepCup Original.
KeepCup has a hard lid and a plug that seals, keeping your coffee hotter for longer. The
splash-proof design is safer than disposable or open cups and OH & S compliant.
Lightweight, colourful and dishwasher safe. Fits in most car cup holders.


To date, we estimate KeepCup users have diverted over 3.5 billion disposable cups from landfill. 

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