Crows Nest Filter Blend

    • Roast Level: Light

      This is the 5th iteration of Crows Nest, We wanted a coffee that was bright and juicy to clear off those cold dark winter mornings!

      50% Kenya Kaguyu AB

      50% Ethiopia Magarissa

      We aim to keep this coffee all year round, changing the components as and when they come in and out of season

      What to expect in the cup

      Sweet, bright and juicy; notes of Nectarine, Apricot, Grapefruit, Butter and Black Tea

    • Our Filter Recipe using V60 - 12g in, 200g water at 94 degrees.

      50g water for bloom, stir for 10 seconds

      at 30 seconds add 50g water in outward spirals

      at 1 minute add 100g water again in an outward spiral finishing the pour around the edges to wash the grinds off the sides. Aim for all out in 2:15-2:20


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