Colombian Suarez

  • Roast LevelMedium / Dark

    ProcessWashed and sun dried


    Double Shot Flat White

    Whole milk will really accentuate those caramel and Toffee flavours. Has a fantastic sweet aftertaste.

    Black Filter / Cupping

    A dry fragrance of sugar cane, yum! A well balanced cup as we would expect from a good Colombian. Medium acidity and full body. Caramel flavours and a long lingering aftertaste. A great all day drinking coffee.

  • GrownCauca State

    Altitude: 1,150m - 1,850m

    VarietalCaturra, Tipica

    Farm Info: 

    This municipality was named in honour of the former president Marco Fidel Suarez. It is located in the western side of the central Colombian mountain range, in the north western side of the Cauca State.

  • Our espresso recipe using 20g vst 
    20g in
    42g out
    in 25 to 30 seconds

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