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Colombia Monteverde
Wush Wush
Special Release

80g Tin

Only 20Kg available!

A very special limited release for the ultimate coffee geek in your life.  This rare Ethiopian varietal from Gildado Gutierrez and family has undergone a two part fermentation; 80 hours anaerobic followed by a 48 hour aerobic ferment before being dried in the cherry on raised beds in greenhouses for 25 days.  Gildado keeps a firm eye on temperature, pH and humidity throughout the whole process and the end result is testimony to his diligence!

(#Colombia not Columbia)

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Grown: Herrera, South Tolima

Altitude: 1850m

Varietals: Wush Wush

Producers: Gildado Gutierrez

Drying: Raised Beds in Greenhouses

Finca Monteverde was given to Gildardo Gutierrez by his father Oscar Gutierrez 40 years ago. Since 2004, the goal and philosophy of farm has been to move towards specialty production. Three of Gildardo’s siblings are now licensed Q Graders who have dedicated part of their work to advising Gildardo on planting new varietals for the specialty market. The Gutierrez family have been coffee growers for five generations in the south of Tolima, where they own a micromill, hand sorting each batch for processing. (NB- be careful not to spell as 'Columbia' when writing to a native Colombian, they do not appreciate it!)

Espresso (18g VST)
18.5g in
50g out
in 24 to 26 seconds

20g in, 340g Hot water (94 degrees)
50g bloom for 30 seconds, light agitation to ensure saturation.
100g spiral pours every 30 seconds up to the 300g total
All water out in 2:30 minutes

12g coffee, 200ml of water at 95C, steep for 1:30 and press until empty for a total time of 2 minutes.