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Brazil Daterra Masterpiece - Carimbo

80g Tin

We've worked with Daterra on and off for various offers over the years, their quality is outstanding and their sustainable credentials are off the chart.  When most people think of Brazil the words "Chocolate" and "Nut" usually come to mind, but Daterra are looking to challenge that through their 'Masterpieces' and 'Collection' series.  Here we have coffees that will surprise you with fruity floral notes traditionally associated with other origins.

Our masterpiece lot this year, called Carimbo, is processed as an aerobic fermentation and is a varietal called Acaua, the result of breeding between Mundo Novo (IAC 388-17) and Sarchimor (IAC 1668).  

Carimbo is a genre of music from the Amazonian region of Brazil, with Indigenous, African and European influences.  The rhythm is closely connected to religious ceremonies and the rural areas of north and northeast Brazil.

We have decided to offer this in an 80g tin option to make it easier to get a taste without breaking your wallet, however, this will be whole bean only. The regular 250g and 1Kg sizes will be available as ground should you really need it.  They will be released w/c 04/11/19.

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Product Information

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Grown: Plot BV40, Patrocínio, The Cerrado (18°44'03,35"S 46°57'32,16"W) to be precise!

Altitude: 1149m

Varietals: Acaua

Producers: Daterra Estate

Washing Station: Daterra

Certifications: UTZ, RFA, EsalQ, B Corp

Drying: Patio, Drum Dryer

Daterra is one of the best known producers in Brazil. They split their land into 216 plots and have meticulous processing, running each plot like it's very own farm. They are at the forefront of sustainable agriculture in Brazil with over 150,000 native trees planted and 3,250 hectares of land given to preservation areas.

Espresso (18g VST)
17.5g in
40g out
in 24 to 26 seconds

20g in, 300g Hot water (95-96 degrees)
50g bloom for 30 seconds, light agitation to ensure saturation.
100g spiral pours every 30 seconds up to the 300g total
All water out in 2:30 minutes

12g coffee, 200ml of water at 95C, steep for 1:30 and press until empty for a total time of 2 minutes.