This week's update is brought to you by our Design and Customer Service departments

Immi - Design and Publications

This week I'm working on the brew-zine. Okay so I’m not allowed to call it a brew-zine as that apparently is a bit too artsy. But a new brew guide, something that’s slightly more sophisticated than the last one. I am also planning on sprucing up the packaging and website any day now and nurturing my child, also known as the Rave Coffee Instagram. Also waiting for the Stockholm issue of Drift to hit the UK and working on my coffee palette as everyone keeps giving me fancy tasting notes and all I’m tasting is a nice coffee taste. *mic drop*

Teresa - Customer Relations and Service

Monday is usually one of the busiest days of the week for me, helping process the orders received over the weekend and getting them packed and ready for shipping.  This Monday was even busier start to the week, as I was playing catch up on various admin tasks and messages following last weeks offer which involved the best part ofTuesday/Wednesday packing up orders, then being set free in van delivering on Friday, navigating my way (unsuccessfully on a few occasions) around Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.  It was great though seeing our wholesale customers and putting faces to names that I speak to regularly.
The days work must have really hit me though Monday, as come home time I sat in the passenger seat of my car rather than the drivers, bag on lap, door shut......maybe I won't be allowed back out delivering in van again.  Pleased to report I got in the right side of the car Tuesday
Gift subscriptions have been flying out this week, we are receiving a lot of calls from customers phoning in to redeem their gift vouchers which is great - we are loving sending out our new farm cards courtesy of our Design Department!  On that note, best get back to loading the subscriptions for the calls received in today so far.  Then to prepare for my day off on Friday, making sure I have left things in order for those covering my work, whilst I am sat beer in hand (should I say coffee) watching the British Superbikes.
T Out


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