The most wonderful shopping season of the year is nearly upon us, and Black Friday deals are just around the corner! For coffee lovers, Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on beans and brewing gear at unbeatable prices.

This year at Rave Coffee, we've hand-picked our top coffee products that pair perfectly together. Read on for the best Black Friday bundles and pairings to enjoy quality coffee for less!

Signature Blend No.1 + Steamed Milk

Let's start with the classic. Rave Coffee's Signature Blend No.1 remains our flagship and best-selling coffee for good reason. This perfectly balanced medium-dark roast carries notes of chocolate, caramel, and almond for a smooth yet robust cup.

For Black Friday, pick up a bag of the Signature Blend to sip as a flat white or cappuccino throughout the holidays. The blend's mellow sweetness shines through when steamed with milk. 

Best Selling Coffee Bundle

If you're new to Rave Coffee, our Best Selling Coffee Bundle is the perfect trio to taste test our range. The bundle contains 250g bags of three top sellers:

  • Signature Blend No.1 - As already mentioned, it is an easy drinking medium-dark roast that pairs well with milk as a flat white or cappuccino.
  • Colombia El Carmen - A single origin favourite with medium-dark roast intensity, chocolate notes, and red fruit acidity.
  • The Italian Job - A dark roast blend with a punch of robusta for a stronger, nutty coffee that cuts through milk.

This mix makes it easy to explore our different roasts and find new favourites at a nicely discounted price.


Fudge Blend No.5 + Whole Milk

Fudge Blend No.5 carries distinct notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut, and fudge. By steaming it with rich, full-fat whole milk, the milk's texture and sweetness complements and enhances the blend's baked goods notes. 

Enjoy Fudge Blend No. 5 as a flat white, cappuccino, or latte. The result is a candy-like coffee that will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Colombia El Carmen + French Press

Colombia El Carmen remains our best-selling single origin coffee. Recently renamed to honour the producers, this bean consistently delights with its syrupy body, chocolate and caramel tones, and sweet finish.

For Black Friday, pick up a bag to savour as a French press. The immersion brewing technique brings out El Carmen's juicy acidity and richness. Scoop coarse ground coffee into your press pot, pour over hot water, and steep for a perfectly balanced, smooth cup.

The Italian Job + WACACO Espresso Maker

In the mood for an intense, cafe-quality espresso? The Italian Job is Rave's espresso-focused dark roast blend containing a splash of Robusta beans. This gives it an incredibly rich, thick crema and a strong punch of caffeine.

The Italian Job blend pairs perfectly with the WACACO portable espresso maker for powerful espresso shots whenever and wherever you crave them. The blend has enough body and intensity to stand up to the pressure extraction and deliver loads of flavour. 

Rave Coffee's Best Black Friday Deals

This Black Friday, take advantage of amazing savings on these pairings and more! Be sure to visit the Rave Coffee website starting November 24th to check out our exclusive Black Friday offers.

Keep an eye out for unmissable discounts and perks, like:

  • Great savings on coffee bundles
  • Big markdowns on select single origin coffees
  • Free shipping on orders over £25

Explore our range of freshly roasted coffee and curate your own perfect pairings to sip all season long! Our Black Friday discounts make this the ideal time to stock up on beans to get you through the holidays and beyond.


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