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September 26, 2017

We've always been fans of roasting each coffee to its optimum point of balance, finding the sweet spot no matter how it is being brewed.  To use a popular word in the industry -Omniroast.
This year we encountered coffees that were more distinct in that they really suited one style more than any other.  You can see this in our Kenya offerings, although we feel the Kaguyu is amazing as a filter and perfectly balanced and juicy as espresso we understand it isn't to everyone's taste,  This is why we will always try to have an alternative,a nod to the dark roast Kenya Ngunguru.  
This has led us to diversify our offering as seen below with our new Guatemala Roasts.  After months of profiling and trials we came to the conclusion that these were best suited to certain brew methods and we have advertised them as such.  This doesn't mean that a 'Filter Roast' cannot be brewed as an espresso or vice-versa. 
The Filter roasts will be roasted faster with a low level of development to increase clarity and acidity at the sacrifice of body and complexity.  Similarly, the Espresso roasts will be slower and slightly more developed to increase the body and complexity in the cup.  The roast level will still vary from coffee to coffee, but we hope now we can communicate the best roast and coffee to suit your needs with better accuracy.
As always, you are free to brew your coffee however you want, if you'd like our recommendations check out the favourite recipe on the 'recipe tab' of each coffee.  Alternatively pick up one of our brew guides here.

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