Broadly, this is what happened...

A new person with a penchant for the festive season joined our ranks and uttered 2 words that struck fear into our hearts; ‘Christmas’ swiftly followed by, ‘blend’.

It was only October. 

We are but men! Men! We only think about Christmas on the eve. Usually In the proximity of the garage forecourt. 

This simply did not wash. It was like … ‘crack on; only X number of sleeps.'   

Much harrumphing ensued; then requisite ‘ho ho ho’ found we tasked our Barry Star to create something reminiscent of the festive season - the caffeine equivalent of a woolly hat and scarf combo on a cold day. 

A bit like the kings he came up with 3 offerings: 20% Serrano Superior for the smokey chocolate flavour; 30% Guatemalan Monte Rosa for MORE chocolate and vanilla; 50% Uganda Chesiyo for the fruity Christmas pudding and brandy butter aftertaste. 

Our first ever seasonal blend ‘HurRAVE for the Holidays’ had arrived (sans camel).  


Serving suggestion should you find Jack Frost nippin' - untangle your mitten elastic, extricate your digits and wrap 'em around a mug of it. 

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