Well friends, the time has come!

We've spent a busy few weeks behind the scenes; sample roasting and cupping to achieve the best roast possible for this lot.  Our aim is to showcase the Peralta's dedication to agronomy and quality - we hope you find it evident in your cup!  

Our first sample was roasted a week after the coffee landed - using our standard cupping profile.  We wanted very little development after first crack as it really tells us what we're dealing with and what the bean has to offer. Being a natural process coffee, we expected the acidity to be muted and the body to be fairly pronounced even at a lighter roast.

Were we wrong!!!  This is one of the cleanest natural process coffees I've ever tasted - no fermented wine flavours here; just crisp, clean and boozy sweet!  We thought perhaps we'd taken it too far in the development stage and needed to approach this with a different profile altogether; cutting out a portion of the caramelisation and drawing out the drying phase.  A complimentary profile was found on the cupping table and next stage of pre-production began; establishing roast level.

This was fairly straightforward as we didn't want to impart any roast flavours into the coffee, keeping it clean and sweet as intended.  We still roasted a few batches with various development times to establish what gave the best balance in the cup.  


The result is a beautiful coffee that is suited for filter and espresso; well balanced, distinctive and clean.



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