G'day RAVErs!

Firstly welcome to the new website. 

We have lots of exciting things going on the roastery over the coming months and I'll be sure to update you nearer the time as things take shape, all will be revealed!

For now though the buzz in the roastery is with all the new crop that is arriving. Over the last couple of weeks we have been frantically working on the new crop coffee ready to go live with the new website. The coffee is literally off the boat and into the sample roaster. We have been continuously sample roasting, cupping and repeating until we find the sweet spot of that individual coffee.

Next on the list I would like to welcome Dean, owner of RAVE Coffee, Alberta Canada. Dean is heading up RAVE Coffee's latest venture across the pond.  Roaster is installed and is currently going through its paces and should be in production within the next week. So if you find yourself skiing in the Rockies this winter, look us up and drop in for a coffee!

I think that's all for now folks, stay tuned, RAVE On.